DNA, Data and Everything in between.

I’m César Miguel. I currently live in Ensenada, Baja California, México, where I’m a Master’s in Computer Science student at the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education (CICESE). Part time student, full time learner. I enjoy working on data-oriented problems, specially if they have a biological component to it. I rock climb sometimes.

I’ve worked on problems that deal with predicting transcription factor binding and posterior cell fate. I’m very interested in applying computational techniques, be it machine learning, statistical methods, optimization or otherwise in my quest for understanding biological processes and their functional repercussions a bit better. Still trying to wrap my head around Artifical Intelligence and making it work favorably and efficiently.

Software-wise, I’m an avid R programmer and churn out the occasional Python script, usually through one of their many amazing frameworks, on a linux machine. As such, I often find myself constantly battling the command line; one well intentioned but generally catastrophic bash script at a time. I’m currently working on an R package, histoneSig, with the goal of submitting it to the Bioconductor project.

Still working on the whole building a web presence thing, repos, and site. If you have any interesting software packages/frameworks i should try, papers, collaboration proposals, or a sour beer recommendation, drop me a line.

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